“Volle”, Una historia de espias, complots y sexo.

VolleVolle by Kyell Gold
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How amazing to be this my first formal review, I can write a lot of things about this book, like for example the intriguing story that presents or maybe the clean writing style that Kyell Gold use, but lets try to be more precise, shall we?

Let’s begin with the story, if you like the lord of the rings, game of thrones, the chronicles of Narnia or any other story in the middle age, with knights, kings, swords and that sort of things, then this book is for you, you will sure find all those things here plus some romance and other few surprises.

The character development, at first I feel it a little bit rush, but as the story unfolds you understand why it was like that, you can feel how the main protagonist grow with you, you can feel his emotions and that helps you to feel identified with him, and not only that, you can also see how all the characters helps to complement the story, how they are little puzzle pieces to a great story.

So, I recommend this book, not to those faint of heart, but to those who are thirsty for action, adventure, romance, mystery. So, if you think you can handle that, this is your book my friend, and believe me, when you finish with this story, you would be hook in the magic and mystery world of Volle.

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